Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Start of the Holidays (Bal's b'day Party)*

Today is the first day of my holidays and I went to my old friend, Balnish's birthday party. She is my friend from primary school and our friendship has lasted for about 8 yrs alredy..I was surprised but really glad that she now happens to go to the same tuition with me this year..Shes a sweet and cool person and I hope our friendship will still continue to grow=)

In there, I met my 3 other old friends Natasha, Olivia and Hsiu Jiuan.. Miss them a lot.. haven seen them for quite long alredy especially Natasha..I was also introduced to her other two friends, Vindra and Brinda who attended too.. :)

The food was great.. We didn eat them all in one shot though.. xD we ate bout 4

After singing the birthday song to Balnish, they danced to some songs from Olivia's ipod which has an amazing number of songs.. :D Oh yea, one of Balnish friend's even bought a card where each of us got to write a message on it..
The party was great.. We enjoyed ourselves and had time to catch up with each other bout how we are doing in school and about our friends since most of us are not in the same school now..It turns out that Olivia and Natasha's school are having a carnival on the 20th of June..For more info, you can visit their blogs.. =)
Happy Birthday to you again Bal! Hope that u had a great birthday! Thanks for inviting! :)
ill update the pics soon..


Im sorry to those that read my blog.. Its been quite a while since ive updated it.. so today im going to activate it once again after quite a long time.. :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

School Daze..xD

On the first day of Form 4, we had to choose which stream to go. And since I wanted to become an architect, going to the sub-science class where I can learn engineering drawing was the most reasonable choice for me to choose. So although I was chosen to go to pure science class, I went to sub-science class after a counseling teacher told me that its more suitable to go there. At first other people who I'm close to such as Brenda and Aimi also chose to go to that class. But once they were in there they started having second thoughts. One of the reasons was because the class consisted of too many people (48!).

So on the next day, they decided to go to pure science class. When I came back home I told my parents about it and I told them I was not feeling that comfortable in that particular class already. I did have friends in that class but I was begining to miss my old friends. So they told me to change the very next day. The next day, I told the Biology teacher that I wanted to change and she said if I want pure science I can only go to 4B because 4A was full already. At first I was hoping to go to 4A because 4B started on more subjects already so when I switched my class to 4B, I had to catch up on more homework and

But it all turn out well in the end. Aimi, Nazifa and Hin Loong from 4A also decided to join this class. All the teachers are fantastic especially my English teacher. =) And she happens to be teaching my favourite subject too. Besides that, my Physics teacher happens to really great also eventhough this is her first year teaching this subject (she is a maths teacher).

I thank God for putting me in this class.. =) Ive got awesome teachers and many close friends here too! And surprisingly, I happen to have an interest in Biology after all.. xD

Friday, January 2, 2009

~2008 to 2009~

There are many things that I learned from last year and many outings and memories to cherish too.. =) Here are some of the highlights from 2008:

I became closer to some of my school friends and I also went to christian camps with some of them too.. Besides that, I also got to know more christian people..=)

From the camps I also got to know new people, learn new songs and most importantly got to learn new things from the messages. Of all the 3 camps that I went to, the 3 same message in common that they taught was humility.

I also got to meet some of my old friends again such as Balnish, Olivia, Hsiu Jiuan, Magdelynn, Sylvia, Wen Yang, Nicholas, Damien and Mervin! =) And I got to continue keeping in touch with Syazwan, Putri, Firdaus, Roland and as well as Raymond, Shaereen, and Adilah.

I also got to get great results for PMR which was the best way to end 2008.

2008 was a great year but sadly, it has to come to an end..

So its Hello 2009!! xD I'm going to make the best out of this year too.. It will be much more different and might be more difficult from last year but I know God will help me through my days.. =D

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My PMR Results!! =D

WHEEEE!!! I'm so happy!!

Got 7A's in my PMR! lol..

Congrats to all my friends who got great results also! All of you did your best and thats all that matters.. =)

But I know I coudn't have done it all by myself.. I know that God helped me a lot and gave me peace throughout the whole exam.. =) Thank you Lord! xD I know that with Him everything is possible and that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.. =)

My parents and friends also helped me a lot by giving me support and teaching me when I can't seem to understand.. Thanks a lot to all of you too! =)

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Its a bit late but I'll still wish a belated wish.. xD

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I didn't get to blog lately because I wasn't allowed to use the computer. So now I'll continue updating about my camps and try to do the tags. hehe.. anyway, I hope all of you had a great and joyful christmas!! =)

But we also should know about the true meaning of christmas how it came to be.. So I also want to wish Jesus a Happy Belated Birthday!! and remember that its also a season of giving! =D

Sunday, December 21, 2008

An outing with my friends from primary school.. =)

On the 6th of December, I went on an outing with some of my closest friends from my primary school.. I was so glad to meet them again after 2 years.. Their names are Balnish, Olivia and Hsiu Jiuan! I miss them.. =( We met at Mcdonald's because it was an easy place to meet.. lol.. xD

I can't upload the pictures that we took though because they don't want it to be seen in the blog. It was great catching up with them. Balnish is going to a private school next year and Olivia might be going for the ACE adventure thingy. Meanwhile, Hsiu Jiuan will continue her education in the same school. =)

I wanted to go out with Syazwan and Putri Nur Sabrina to Sunway also but I couldn't make it because I had to go for a camp on the day after the outing so I decided to rest instead. =( I miss them a lot.. haiz.. Hopefully I'll get to meet again with them next year or sooner.. lol.. xD

Thanks to God for at least letting me meet at least some of my old buddies before next year and for having a wonderful time with them too.. =)